Thursday, 9 July 2009

Pimped my ride

This is my Lord's personal transport. He dosent do camo.

As always, your thoughts and comments are appreciated.
Apologies for the less than ideal quality of the pictures, not sure what happened there.


  1. The red line has some very straight edges, it looks awesome. Did you use tape to accomplish this?

  2. Doesn't do camo, haha!

    Nicely painted as befitting a command vehicle. Smart way of distinguishing it from the other Chimeras.

    I don't recognise the turret; where's it from?

  3. I like my tanks dirty, what can I say :)

    BJ, I did indeed mask the areas before spraying, I use a lot of masking on vehicles a mix of cheap artists tape and poncy tamaiya tape too, this was just the cheap stuff as straight lines are easy, bends bleed so i use "better" tape for those. just be usre your base coat is dry and use low-tack tape.

    H, the turret is the forge world autocannon turret, as his servitors are all HB and he's basically a mobile firebase I thought I'd give his chimera some vehicle poping ability.


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