Thursday, 9 July 2009

Objective markers

Not quite sure why I built and painted these right now, rather than finish all the other stuff on my table, but I figure I needed a wee break, so here we are, a few 40mm base onjective markers for any of my imperial forces.

A fuel dump


Listening post.

Let me know what you think. Also any ideas for two more, as I figure 5 is a good number for these, I'm just out of spare 40mm bases for now.


  1. Those are absolutely fantastic! I especially like the listening post - very cool stuff. Keep up the great work!

  2. Nice oil/goop slick on the fuel dump. Also, the leaves on the netting add a nice touch.

    Spare parts area? or something of that kit?

  3. Breaks are good! Nothing worse than painting burn-out. Those objective markers are great! Nice job!

  4. The objective markers look great. I think taking a break from your other projects is a sometimes necessary distraction.

  5. Brilliant objective markers! How did you make those fuel drums...?

    As for suggestions:
    1) Grave marker.
    2) Holy Inquisitorial Relic.

  6. Those are some great objective markers.

    What have you used for the cammo netting, is that something that you would generally find at a hobby/scenery stor?

    Horatio and Noxenlux have good ideas with a spareparts area (ie vehicle repair post) or a common grave marker.

  7. wow, thanks everyone for the positive comments, I think that there's four cracking ideas there, an aid station of some kind, a grave marker, a relic of some kind and some form of vehicle supplies/repair area. now I need to order some more 40mm bases :)

    as to the various "how/what" questions -

    The camo net is very simple, it's just crepe bandage soaked in 50/50 water / pva glue and formed, the bits of leaves are poncy "leaf litter" from antenocitti's workshop, ( in the past i've used masking tape strips to represent rag strips.

    the oil drums are a cheat - they are resin drums I bought a bag of online some time ago, I'm not even sure where from now.

    the oil slick is just brown ink and klear 50/50, the trick is not flocking that part of the base to create the "puddle"

    I also tried something new, which was painting most of the models with my airbrush, I dont usually do such small things that way but it worked well I fell, the ground overspray looking nocely like dirt.

  8. The Comm post is my favorite.
    Very nice use of Camo-net.

  9. Thanks Will,

    I found another 40mm base today, so I'll knock another up soon :)

    I think I'll start with Noxenlux's idea of some kind of medial supply stash


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