Monday, 13 July 2009

A moving experience

I rearranged my workspace today to allow me constant acess to my airbrush, as I'm enjoying using it more and more, but its a pain to get the impromptu spray booth I use out. no longer! the brush remains out all the time, now all I need is a cleaning station to save me trips to the sink.

The most noticable side effect of this is that my photo set-up has changed, so it'll take me a few models to get the white balance and things right. the next set are a little off, a tad colder than in life.

I have still been panting, and one of the results deserves its own post I feel, so for now, here's another objective marker, suggested by Noxenlux, some medical supplies. I have yet to glue the "leaves" on, but it wont change much.


  1. Dude! Where'd you get the oxygen tank from? :o

  2. Recepie -

    1 imperial guard flamer backpack, halved with skul and crossbones shaved off

    1 imperial guard resperator (command sprue)

    1 length guitar string.


  3. Hey!

    Just wondering what you used for the camo net?

  4. It's just a piece of bandage, with a liberal amount of pva + water to give it rigidity :)


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