Saturday, 11 July 2009

Last two acolytes

I'll openly admit this is a bit of a shoddy job, but they are pretty much just ablative wounds :)

I'm concerned now because I'm running out of excuses not to paint my lord. I've basically got a chimera and him left to paint.

I know! I'll build my guard ;)


  1. They look great. Will you post a shot of the entire unit when they are done?

  2. Yeah i think they look great as well i also agree we need a full unit shot when you are done.

  3. Absolutely :)

    And thanks to both of you for being nice :)

    The last member of this unit is of course the lord. I'll man up and paint him soon, i promise.

    I'll also try and get a whole strike force shpt too, but those are harder to accomplish

  4. I have been following your progress on these guys for a while and I have been really impressed with your painting. Great job.

  5. Thanks Big D,

    I saw myself on the Hogs blogroll today, that's a first for me outside of FTW, so many thanks for that.

    must work out how to do one of those at some point :)

  6. It's really refreshing to see that each acolyte has their armour painted in their own colour schemes to give some variety to the eye. Very gritty & boy do the faces POP. I can see them getting into a screaming match with daemons. :)


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