Thursday, 16 July 2009

Imperial Guard strike force

I built an Imperial Guard strike force today, two vetran squads, a command squad and some heavy support. Rather than flood the blog with 47 pictures! (front and back of each Guardsman plus tank shots) I thought I'd try something new, Picassa seems to want to let me make movies, so I did, let me know what you think, as well as what you think of my guys I'f you'd be so kind :)

First up is the command squad It'll be run as a 3 melta, 1 heavy flamer group with camo cloaks, the rest is just modelling fluff.

The Las squad is led by a counts-as Harker, and modelled with camo cloaks also, they have the demolitions doctrine for making boom. :)

The slightly more assault focussed shotgun squad have sotwed thier camo cloaks for the charge. to be honest I couldnt bear not to use the FW packs, or to cover them :) they also have the demolitions doctrine (As you can see from some of the spotty primer in some of these shots, my beloved Grey primer was running out so I has to switch to black partway through, this means you'll lose visibility of some detail sadly)

and now the big boom, an executioner, with a hull mounted Las, this is to give terminators a bad day.
And a demolisher, this is for my troops to hide behind, it's fully sponsoned and has a hull mounted flmer I kitbashed.

I'd say that was a productive day I'm really happy with some of the poses I was able to ahcieve and every mini has been is some way "messed with", as is my wont.


  1. Okay so the movies don't work, I'll get right on that.

  2. Ick, I had to resort to youtube

    I'll stick to pictures in future I think even if it does ake the blog a mile long.

  3. You get "A" for effort, all the same! Good looking guard, now is the fun part of painting them all!

  4. I like your work - you have incorporated the various kits and Forge World gubbins well. I look forward to seeing the painted result.


  5. Productive indeed. Your high volume of output never fails to amaze me Karitas.


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