Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Honour guard

These three are my Lord =][='s honour guard. they will represent heavy bolter servitors rules wise, but fluffily they are one member from each platoon chosen to serve as honour guard and carry the venerated heavy bolters.

or something.

here they are.
some rougher bits than i'd like, but long term i'm going to replace them with scratch build servitors.

so it's okay.



  1. Ooo...nice bronze on the armour Karitas. My favourite has to be the one on the far right; holding the heavy bolter like that, he's gotta have chutzpah! Seeing your painted honour guard in the flesh has been a great help in coming up with a workable colour scheme for my SM scouts. Thanks much! Gnarly urban camo on your chimeras! Not to mention the really useful painting tutorial.

  2. Glad I could help :)

    I'd love to see some of your stuff with paint on, when are you going to start in on your chaos marine overkill figs?

    also, glad you thought the vehicle painting post was useful, all I can see are the ways I could ahve done a better job of it, hehe.

  3. Again, we are usually our own harshest critics. :) Haha, Overkill Chaos Marines; I like that. Funny you should ask, I've actually managed to do some paint-slopping (yes, slopping; I'm a really horrible painter) lately & hopefully should have some PIPs pics up in a day or two. Dude, you is like psychic man!

  4. Dude, sweet ;)

    I look forward to it, and you dont need to be aq good painter, as long as you've a hand steady enough to stay in the lines you can acheive some very respectable things, it's all about learning how the medium works.

    /teacher mode off


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