Sunday, 12 July 2009

Guardsman prototype

I always like to build and paint 1 model before I launch into 20 or so, as a proof of concept.
This is the first vetran guardsman off the assembly line, ostensibly to provide more troops and heavy support to my Daemonhunters force, but it will also be capable fo being fielded alone, or as a guard force with a few DH allies.

My vetrans get the forward sentries and demolitions doctrines, so will be modelled with camo cloaks as in this case, and other modesl will be carrying explosives. I want them to be able to clear, then hold an objective long enough for help to arrive, because eventually these guys will get either chimeras or valks.

The pattern of the Las is twofold, I wanted a visual representation of thier higher BS, and I also wanted, much like the real world, vetran operators to have better kit, so this shorter barrel scoped las carbine was born. in trying to make sure they dont look like my IST's hellguns, the kasrkin hotshot las or a normal infantry las, I'm not sure where else I could have gone except bullpup, and thats just too fiddly this side of elysian guns :)

the other squad are getting shotties anyway.


  1. Cool. I love the cloak, and I might steal the carbine idea for some of my vets.


  2. The sculpting looks good. Now only 20 more...

    Good work!

  3. Very grim-looking veteran. The cloak is very well-sculpted; it really flows along with the model & it's dynamics. That's good; really good. Another simple yet terribly effective conversion on the carbine, Karitas. Brill!

  4. Thanks everyone. :)

    I think I might paint this fellow before I make more. But I'm fairly happy with him, so my IG vets and thier command squad will all have this.

    Now to find lots of explosives :)


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