Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Daemonhost one painted

I'm not entirely convinced he's finished however, but I know if I keep going tonight I'll mess him up. So I may return to him another time, for now hoever he's fine for the tabletop.

I know I have plans for two more, but as far as the original 1k army goes, he was the last build. I've put together the other 2 chimeras and will get paint on them in the next few days, the last two acolytes are on my table now, and that leaves the lord. I need to take some more photos and ask you all a question :)


  1. I'll say! You paint like Speedy Gonzales runs; it's like you're Speedy Paintzales!

    The purple accents on the tentacles are tying in the flamer of tzeentch theme nicely. Fantastic shading on the muscle definition.

  2. I know I'm a fast painter, but soemtimes I rue it, and I wonder what results I could get if I forced myself to take my time and be less cavalier.

    maybe I'll try that with my lord.

  3. Wow. This guy really came together nice. This is an awesome conversion.

  4. Thanks Big D, glad you like him.

    I'm debating with myself right now, seeing as the GW models are physically restrained, should mine be? I mean Cherubael in Eisenhorn seems to be more psychically restrained, not all chained up etc.

    still, you need to stop them looking just like Demons, the "host" part needs to be the main feature.


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