Monday, 6 July 2009

Daemonhost Greenstuff step-by-step (Bonus material)

As the last update was kind of small, I thought I'd add some bonus material, to show you what to do with well, bonus material.

Leftover Greenstuff.

I'm terrible at judging quantities so always have GS left over. I'm also working on a cityfight board, but I'm going to keep this going after for use with basing and other terrain. basically I make sandbags from my leftovers. sometimes 1 sometimes 2 or 3.

here's how.

grab your leftover GS. in this instant it's enough for 1 sandbag, if I had more left i roll a quick thick sausage and cut 1cmish chunks off it.

As it's only enough for one I form it into a shallow rectangle using my sculpting tool.

The trick then is to use a suitable cloth (I wear glasses and find these things perfect, but enything with a suitable weave will do)
Press the cloth gently onto your rectangle of GS to transfer the texture

Lastly use your sculpting tool to scribe a shallow line around the bag, and you're done. set it aside and let it cure for future use.

Hope that was some help to someone, will try to update with more actual progress later.

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