Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Daemonhost Greenstuff step-by-step (part 4)

This post sees me finished with my first Daemonhost sculpt. I have trouble with the concept of "finished" as I can always see more I can do, but The balance of being happy and not overdoing something is a hard one to strike. anyway, onwards!

As I said in my last post yesterday I intend to add mouths. harreh has said he thinks he knows where, and he's probarbly right. I've said these are going to be themed to different chaos gods, as I find that a shortcoming in the current DH models that GW produces, so this first one an attempt at, of course tzeentch. I hope I've pulled it off, and that these mouths complete it properly. anyway here's how I did it.

Start with a modest ball of GS, thus

squish this ball onto the location you intend to place it.

Use a round ended tool to impress an opening

and a pointy tool to exaggerate that opening to have a "lip"

Next I add the teeth I made yesterday

Then I move on and add putty to the ends of some of the "support" limbs, a triangular peice, ploked into place and joined to the main limb with a clay shaper forms a lovely tentacle tip

So here he is after his first round of GS. I realised at this point I maybe hadnt taken good enough shots to explain what I was doing so I stepped up my game.

His head looked a bit odd to me, a bit shall we say "distanced" from the rest of the mini, so I decided to tie it in a little more with extra hair - lets face it, whose going to shave this guy?

So I roughly site two small pieces of gs that are the loose shape I want

Then with my needle tool I scrape and shove them into the right position, taking care to keep the dynamic flow of the hair consistent with both the direction of the model and of the existing hair.

I repeat this for the other side, keeping the spacing in the middle to emphasise the metal bands.

That's better, so I move on to tackle the other two mouths. A different and slightly easier technique to the first one, above, I form a ball and press it onto the limb
Then I gently remove it and here you can see the "cup" formed by the limb

I reverse the cup and I press the cup into place, wide opening outwards.

It's at this point that I screw up. I do this at least once per sculpting session as a rule, I smushed already completed work.
anyway heres the new mouth, with a few impressions made with my needle tool ready to recive teeth
and the teeth in situ having been picked up on the lubricated tip of the tool and gently pressed into the waiting holes.

The last mouth was to be larger and so I formed the cup using one of my clay shapers
Attach as above and insert teeth.
And here, a better lit image of the finished piece.

I said this was Tzeentch themed and hopefully now you can see my inspiration, I've always loved the flamer models, and the thought of someone binding a flamer of tzeentch into an unwilling host, and having that creature struggling to manifest itself against the Inquisitors wards. well the idea appealed to me.

Hopefully he will cure in the next few hours and I can wash and prime him. I always feel a sculpt is more complete when the glaring green is gone and i can see the model without those distraction. Once that's done I'll take some better pictures and add them to this post.

I'm like to thank everyone who has commented throughout this, and say that it's been a very good experience for me, motivational to say the least. I hope it's been of equal value to those who read it. who knows I mgith actually get to like this step-by-step lark and do a few more.

happy sculpting everyone.


  1. That looks really, really good. The thrid mouth especially, you've really got a feeling of movement in it. Great work on these tutorials too, they were all really helpful.

    Oh, and paint it already! :P


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