Monday, 6 July 2009

Daemonhost Greenstuff step-by-step (part 2)

A shorter update this time, hopefully leading to a longer on next time, mainly because I changed my mind a little about the appearance, so havent moved on to detail yet.

Basically I decided more tentacles were in order, hence more armatures -

More sausages

And more wrapping of armatures in GS. these steps were done in exactly the same was as yesterday, make a sausage, attach at one end, wrap. follow this with a little sculpting and finessing and leave it to cure.

I also added a tentacle to his other arm, but without an armature as it was too thin.

I have to force myself to leave things to cure or else theres an awful mess. I'm right now attempting to speed up the curing with a desk lamp. I know peoaple who have made "ovens" out of desk lamps, and others who use hair dryers; this isn't to be encouraged as all the methods described can result in meting and or scortching, and if left unattended can be a fire hazard.

So here he is all covered in new GS.

With luck it will be later today that I can advance the guy with some chain and a little detail. I'm also going to try using brown stuff for the very first time, for something simple.

1 comment:

  1. That's and outstanding looking daemon host, so far! Can't wait to see him finished.


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