Friday, 24 July 2009

A change of pace.

After painting my Daemonhunter's army, (well okay, it's not finished becuase the Guard arent done and theres a chimera still to weather, but I figure I'll never be "done") I decided I needed a change of pace, and it's proved difficult, I'll get into why in a few lines time.

But what change? Well I went back to my xbox for a few days but there really isnt anything out that's got me excited, Ghostbusters was a huge let down, but then it was going to be wasn't it? Prototype? too repetetive, and so I started rummagin through bits boxes and old boxes of minis for something characterful to paint.

First thing I thought was "hrm I've got flagellants here and marauders" (I'd bought them for thier heads and bits for the DH guys) "I'll paint of of those for fun",

Then I found my old Mordheim box.

Man I can't even tell you how much I love that game, that and Necromunda were, to me the apogee of GW's acheivement, waht Rogue trader was always meant to be, a tabletop game that sits comfortably in between D&D and 40K, characterful minis narrative elements small groups. and better yet they grow over time. it was ace.

So I've talked my partner into playing with me and set about building all kinds of terrain out of whatever I had in.

I'll let you see some roughs in a minute, I'm rebuilding my Middenhiemer gang, She's drusting off her skaven. If we manage to play a few times and enjoy it I'll look into trying to coax others into playing with us, I've got enough figs for a good four warbands here I think, so it should keep me busy for a while.

and that's not considering the ork meganbs i keep promising to kitbash or the guard i have to paint, or the grey knights I want to knock up. eh, whaddya going to do.

anyway heres the first guy I've slapped paint on.

The Difficulty I'm having, Ironically as I wanted a change of pace, Is the change of pace. gearing down from production line figs 5 at a time to finish an army, taking steps for expediency isn't easy. I want to spend more time on these fellows, but I'm finding it hard. I might lock my washes away to force myself to a slower more considered pace :)

Also here are some of the very WIP buildings I'm throwing together.

They need gravel/sand detailing plaster/filler (or as they say across the pond "spackle") and paint. so lots really, but I want to build about as many again so at least we'll have a decent playfield. too little terrain kills Mordheim.

So gentle readers please bear with me while I work through this :) normal 40k service will be resumed. In fact changing gear will hopefully also improve my Guard painting, as there really isnt any rush :)


  1. Mordheim is a great game and one of those systems that I'd love to see get more support. If you can get a good group who doesn't powergame and a good, impartial GM, it's loads of fun.

    You've got a great start for your table. You should write up a tutorial on how you did the buildings. I think people would be very surprised at how something that looks complex and intricate is actually quite simple to produce and looks splendid to boot!

  2. I agree, where is the tut' for the buildings - they look deceptively simple and pure awesome.

    I always liked the look of Mordheim, and to a lesser extent the Inquisitor game that followed for 40K, but never got around to it.

    The wolf cloak and jacket/shirt/pants came up really well.

    Good job and looking forward to future posts.

  3. One more vote for the the building tutorial. The fig looks great too. He is grungy and ready for a brawl!

  4. Thanks guys :)

    theres a tut on the way, Just need to remember to take notes and photographs next time I build. :)

    give me a day or two

  5. Your missus plays Skaven? :o

    I like this change of pace. As for bearing with it, I'd rather be encouraging it yo.


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