Sunday, 14 June 2009

Vindicare Assasin

I've had this guy years, literally like 8 or more, and never painted him cos I didnt have an army I felt had a place for him.

With DH, I figure I might give him an outing at some point in the future. I like the idea of the psychological warfare element of using him :)

That's where I'm going with this army, and it's new for me. I'm building a "pool" of various units so that I can experiment and tailor my forces, I dont think i'll ever run the same list twice.

Here he is, another fairly quick job, but okayish.

C n' C always welcome.


  1. ooh very nice, I love the leather work of the holsters. I have a Culexus on my to do list as well, Vindicare though always a great choice.

    Bay Hammer

  2. Thanks for the positive comments Scott :)

    I might try and bag one of each going forward, so i can choose. maybe a couple of death cult too, I love the iconography and they fit so well with DH :)

  3. The assasin blisters are getting harder to find, so I find myself doing the same thing, just slowly collecting one of each, they come in handy if you play "an empire undivided"

  4. This assassin finally gets to see the light of day... :D Nicely painted; the muscles are very well-defined by the paintjob & I dig the painted scratches on the weapons. More than okayish.

  5. I know this comment is a long way from the post date but I have been trawling through your back posts and stumbled across this one.

    I have that exact model - same situation, sat on my shelf for around 8 years unpainted.

    See how well yours has turned up makes me want to paint mine up, and as far as your paint job, its more than Okayish, its copy-cat worthy - I think I might just use your rifle pattern on mine.

    Cheers for the inspiration,


  6. You're way more than welcome and I'm really glad that you like him, more that it may have prompted you to treat him to some paint :)

    If you do paint yours i hope you post him, as i'd love to see it.

  7. Hey Karitas,

    I have been working on mine (I discovered I actually have the other pose - sighting down the rifle) and after a horrid time with it last noght, ended up stripping it down again this morning.

    Can I ask how you managed the highlights on the body glove and the camo marks on the rifle.



  8. Hi Rogue, I love that model too, for my money it's only the death cult and vindicare that have decent models.

    As to how I did the paint job, I used a glaze technique for the body glove, - over white primer use incredibly thin, translucent paint/water/klear mix, like 1/10/1 and build the colour up very gradually, I used VMC basal grey with the odd glaze of an entirely different colour. this leaves the raised areas quite light to begin with, once you're at the depth of colour you want then use similarly thin paint to highlight, just on the areas you want.

    Like the UM chaplain I painted a while back there's actuall no black on his bodysuit at all.

    the camo marks are dead simple, i use VGC stonewall grey and slap on some stripes, then put black over the top leaving the edge visible.

    I hope that Helps man.

  9. Wow, no actual black - I would never have thought that.

    I will give this a crack.




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