Saturday, 13 June 2009

A trail by Ork

I was fortunate last night that a freaind of mine offered to give my new, grey-primed =][= Boys thier first outing. I played against my own Ork army, 870 points of as yet unbeaten green fury. these guys have taken out marines, tau, and now Daemonhunters.

I mean, I wasn't expecting to win, this army wasn't built to win, it was built because I like the background and wanted to make an army I could add my own flair too, and I find marines etc too restrictive If i'm Honest.

I wont give you a full batrep mainly because I was drinking and didnt bring my camera :) but let's just say these guys performed better than expected. I did get all 3 of my chimeras poped, but I also made mistakes, I didnt use my smoke for one. My Lord managed to hold a huge number of boyz at bay thanks to his shiny new TH and his 2+ save, but his retinue were creamed. I lost 1 platoon entirely and other were sting badly. losses on the Ork side include a trukk and it's full compliment of shoota boys, a large nymber of Boys and 5 deffkoptas, the latter pleasing me enourmously, but the last 1 held out.

In hindsight, If I wanted to guild these guys to win i'd swap out the plasma, it's terribly unreliable, but for flavour I like having a squad of nutters who will use plasma and assault anything even when they havent a chance.

What did I leanr? that over time, and with more points to play with this list could be sucessful for me, that i need to stay mobile and avoid large groups of CC :) Also that i think a CC lord could be a viable option, which is quite scary.

What's next for the army? well paint obviously, and I think lots of options, to keep playtesting different things. I want to see what happens when I drop a Daemonhost next to a group of Boyz, I want to see if i can build a CC Lord's retinue, I want to try some Valk mounted PAGK's and I want to know what happens if i take the list I played yesterday and give it Guard armour, like maybe an eradicator.

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