Sunday, 28 June 2009

Squad Secundus

I thought I'd wait to post these untill they were all finished.

most of these guys were painted while various part of the chimera dried, so it's been quite efficitent, with the last details filled in this morning.
This leaves me one more squad, an elite =][=, my Daemonhosts and my Lord and retinue. oh and three more chimeras.

that's about 6 whole days of paitning if i can keep up yesterdays pace. but having mostly weekends fr this means about 4-5 weeks.

then I can start on the inducted guard, or the cityfight table, or finish the orks, or... yoiu get the idea.


  1. It's good to see you know the painting queue is never ending...
    Good job on these so far, i like the green contrasting weapons - lifts the whole colour scheme. I do a similar effect with my Relictors and a bone colour accent.

  2. I like what you've done with these chaps. The bases look good, too!

  3. Thanks fellahs, Siph, I like your relictors, and yeah I've always tried to make something on the model "pop", some models, Like ultras have a built in "pop" with the blue and gold, some you have to manufacture, like your relictors. but it's always a good idea.

    Drax, once I have painted pretty much the whole army I'll finish the basing. I'll load my airbrush up with Klear and varnish the lot of them, the slap a few tufts of static grass here and there to help lift the bases. I cant do that untill they are varnished though or the grass looks terrible :)


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