Sunday, 21 June 2009

Squad primaris complete.

Well, I say complete, I'm already thinking I could add more guys as I'm not at 10 yet, heh.

I was going to add more squad markings but what's stoping me at the moment is that I dont know how these guys will play, I might be happy with 5 per squad, in which case I'd have to repaint markings and so on, So It can wait.

plus my freehand is dodgy as you'll see further down.

So the finished squad -

Overall I like the way these guys have turned out, I was considering painting each squad with different colours, but I dont want my army too garish now, do I? plus I do like these, and as I said above I'm still going to be varying numbers and composition for a few games at least, and uniformity gives me the most flexibility.

If you will indulge me I'll just turn the spotlight on the new guys

the sarge

and the aforementioned Dodgy freehand
next up, the second Melta trooper
The Laspistol might well offend the wysisyg gods, but as these guys get a CCw eapon anyway I figured his might as well be a pistol, besides if I were carrying the kind of weapon that'd metl my face off, I'd want a backup pistol :)
and Lastly, the second forgage cap guy,

Nothing special about him, so erm.

probarbly shouldnt have saved him till last huh? :)

next up, one of the =][= elites.


  1. Thanks a lot Ron, Always nice when someone whose work you admire gives you a nod.

    Much appreciated. :)

  2. I like the contrast between the red and green.
    The heads seal the deal, it gives them a whole new look.


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