Monday, 8 June 2009

Squad build phase complete!

That's the bulk of the boys done.

I might at a later date add 1 more box of scouts to take me to a nice even 10 men in each squad, but right now the two squads getting elite =][= assistance bring it to 8 mean in each chimera.

before i go on to show you these guys i want to quickly run down what's left to do.

I have the GS on the Lord and the three new acolytes to do, I have a Daemonhost to build, two chimeras to buy and build then i'm done.

the rest as we escalate is inducted guard, some vetrans, a couple of russ' and a command squad. that's the plan to 1.5k so far.

anyway enough deliberation, here are the squads.

Squad 1, my tank hunters.

sergeant and specials, melta guns, what else!

the rest of the boys

this squad is all soft head coverings if any, a mix of beret, headband and kepi/forage hat.

squad 2, my versatile unit

sergeant and specials, grenades launchers provide anti horde, or anti vehicle in a pinch

rest of the boys

all helmeted and bearded here, even the one without has one on his belt :)

squad 3, the speartip

the sergeant and specials, plasma for these lunatics

The rest of the boys

And here is the finished elite =][= with psycannon.

Lastly, while he still needs both his powercables and cloak GSing i thought i'd share with you the current state of my Lord.

the Hammer i think looks better, it is after all a Malleus :)

more than that it lets me vary his points, and with the other acolytes i have and servo skulls etc, i can rig him for CC if i ever feel suicidal in a game, the hammer being able to be a TH, CC weapon or Daemonhammer as i choose.

Thanks for tuning in, next time i hope i'll have him and his acolytes finished, after that, priming and Daemonhost building fill my week, lots to try out on my little pet infernus.


  1. Very very nice, looking forward to seeing these painted.

  2. I'm always eager when you do an update because these guys are coming along great! Well done...

  3. Kind words, and I thank you both for them, truth is I've really enjoyed building these guys and will be sad once they are complete :)

    Little bit apprehensive about the paint, havent chosen colours yet, but probarbly traditional black/red/bone and maybe grey vehicles with red/black detail. unsure at best.

  4. Dittoed. These ISTs are menacingly awesome. As always, the uniqueness of your models never fail to amaze me. Swapping out the Inquisitor Lord's lightning claw with the thunder hammer was an inspired move; he looks qualitatively more imposing & lordlier now.

    Paint paint paint. :D

    As for finishing this army & feeling sad, I'm sure you'll come up with another interesting project to exercise your creativity & talents once more. :)

  5. I think I'm going to try and stay focussed on this one for a while, just expand its options.

    I'm considering a small detachement of Guard, a platoon and some tanks, I'm also considering a small GK contingent as I havent managed to field a Daemonhost yet, but I am looking forward to building a few, even if they never get used :)

    I still have a UM army which needs a few paintjobs, and some orks which need a bit of love, and to which i was considering adding some bikers, and building some Mega armour nobs.

    So I have some projects to keep me busy, plus of course, the paint!


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