Sunday, 28 June 2009

Servitor skulls

I feel a bit bad, this being an update, in light of the last few; mainly because this is a real quick one.

The servitor skulls I intend to use as familiars for my lord. Partly in case I want to run him as CC rather than shooty, (note to self, still need to build CC "servitors" for that.) but mainly just because I think servitor skulls are cool :)

They go nicely with the servitor sages I've already painted and help add to that elusive "Dark millenium" quality that was present in the first Rogue Trader book I read, but which is lass and less prevalent in the marine-laden landscape I find the hobby has become.

anyway I digress. I'm not sure what is next on the table, the second elite, some acolytes, the heavy bolter guys, maybe the last squad, hrmm.


  1. Cyberskulls are great.
    You should check out the Empire generals clockwork cherub
    It is too cool not to use.

  2. It is a really cool fing, I checked it out on bitzbox, :)

    I think if I were doing WH I'd use it for sure, but for this DH army, I didnt want anyting "good" in there, even by association. I'd actually quite like to replace the honour guard with something more feral and servitor-like in the future too.

  3. These are very nice. You can never have enough servo-skulls / cherubim zipping about in the backdrop of an Imperial force :-)


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