Monday, 22 June 2009

Quick Question

? The twins.

My servitor sages.

Identical paint, or opposites/contrasting?

See I told you it was a quick question :)


  1. I did mine with similar paint schemes. Not identical, but matching color scheme.

    I don't have 2 identical models though. I have 1 from the WH Inq. box, and 1 from the Coteaz box. I put them in brown robes, and they were both holding scrolls.

  2. Id have to go with opposite/contrasting. Like one red/black and the other black/red(or whatever your color scheme is). Especially if your fielding them as "the twins" for fluff purposes. First visit to your blog though, so not sure if that fits.

  3. Similar. They're henches; they do the same thing. They might very well even BE siblings/twins originally.

    I'd make the twins' scheme contrast somewhat with any other henches, though.

  4. I vote for opposite contrasting.

  5. Nice models you have going there. I would use the colorsheme from your Troopers and put the robes in red. Twins is fine for me as well- let them be the same.

  6. Thanks guys for all those comments, I did just paint them quite differently, then realised one looked way better than the other :)

    I couldnt live with that so i slapped some more paint on the other and the way to describe them now would be..

    Similar :)


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