Wednesday, 17 June 2009

First Squad, more members

I'm going to have to start being more imaginative with my post titles. It's going to get very dull if every one is just "some more blokes".

But that's what this one is, three more blokes from the first squad. I figure I'll do the rest of the squad then thier chimera then reward myself with thier Elite =][= companion.

Here they are.

A Lasgun trooper

Melta guy

Forage cap guy
And the whole squad so far.

I'm content that the scheme looks decent for an army, I'm trying to make the faces pop to emphasise thier individuality hince the armour isnt very bright, and isnt harshly highlighted either. It seems to be working, at least MY eyes are drawn to the faces. Some of which are more sucessful than others, but overall in a compromise between painting speed and final product I'm happy.



  1. Good content overrules snappy one-liner post titles every time. And you my friend definitely gots the good content. Bring on the blokes! These guys look amazing individually but when in a group, they look spectacular. Visually cohesive. After looking at them, the thing that I remember most are their faces. Great job!

  2. Thanks for your comments H, much appreciated as always,and for the glowing report.

    I'm persoanlly aware that there are mistakes / cut corners and all manner fo shenanigans on these guys, but I'm trying hard not to be too hard on myself in the drive to have a finished army, the overall result I'm quite happy with, and hopefully with a few more carefully painted guys in among them they'll stand out nicely among the work of my peers.


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