Sunday, 3 May 2009

Questions, questions

So I have some of my order. and it's thrown up a question or two.

here's the retinue so far -

I Love those Death Korps Figures, but i'm not sure they are large enough. I mean, i know Guardsmen are smaller than marines, and i've used marines as the basis for the acolytes, do i write this off in my head as "it's okay, it's the power armour making them so big" ? i think i could, theres only a scale foot or so in it, it's not like i truescaled my guys, even though i did use the "doghouse" style legs.

Hrm. I think i can live with it.

another question raises itself. will this -

suffice for a psycannon

i want a "retro" feel, so i dodnt want to kitbash a normal "big gun" out of ork/marine parts.

I might need to add the odd "myterious cable" or something.


  1. With regards to sizes, I don't really think it's an issue. It's actually a good thing that the acolytes look more imposing than the average Guardsman. Love the psycannon concept. Aces.

  2. thanks for that! i was uncertain about the psycannon, but i think with a little tweaking it might look right.

    the ISt issue.. well i've ordered a few bitz and i'm going to see if i can come up with something myself thats a bit more in keeping with the acolytes, i'll post as soon they arrive, and as soon i've a clue what i'm doing :)

  3. I'm looking forward to the tweaking. Having seen your mad skillz, I'm sure that I'll be able to steal-I-mean-get some much needed inspiration.


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