Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Paint test

of sorts

i slapped some paint on one of the acolytes, thus

i'm not entirely happy with it, the armour isnt as red as i would have liked, and the cloak plain sucks, hence no rear shots. part of the fault for that lies in the sculpt, which i'll do better on the other guys.

overall i think it's the scheme i want, cream/red/gold. and i do want them to look gritty and well, blanche-ish. meh, i dunno.

i'll maybe give dreadlocks a go next, i'm painting these three initial acolytes as testers because since discovering i can use Bolters (thanks DH FAQ) i'm going to build 3 new ones i think.

feedbacks welcome as always. i'll probarbly post this on B&C too, quietly and in the inquisition forums :)


  1. Hey Karitas, as an observer, I fail to see any problems with the paintjob & colours scheme. I do think that the model does look gritty; but Blanche-ish, that's a toughie. The colour combination is very fitting for an Inquisition force. You mentioned that the red isn't red enough; I do feel that at this shade, it's more of a dark russet. Overall, I do like what you've done.

  2. Thanks for your comments Horatio, IO think "blanche-ish" is a bit of a stretch myself, i suppose what i mean is dark, gritty, muted colours and a gothic feel to the models, taking a lot of inspiration from the =][= artbook that came out *coughcough* years ago.

    the red, well i wasd aiming for a metallic terracotta, but the metallic medium i used had more of a lightening effect than i wanted so it ended up a tad pinker than i wanted. i think i wahsed it down again fairly well but i can still see it :)

    hopefully this weekend i'll get some IST prototype's built and some paint on another acolyte of two

  3. Dark, check. Gritty, check. Gothic, check. :) Hmmm...first time I ever heard of "metallic terracotta"...but you've got the terracotta down-pat methinks. Looking forward to see more prototypes.


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