Saturday, 9 May 2009

ooo He's tall.

SO i've finally kitbashed the =][= lord i've been thinking about. he's tacked atm, some actual work has been undetaken, like his chest icon and his psycannon, but most everyting else is temporary.

first thing i tried was a powersword

that looked a bit static so i tried reposing

then i stuck the LC i've been debating on.

I'd really appreciate your thoughts :)

i've also decide, for now, to mothball the acolytes i've built sof ar, at least as far as the army is concerned, i've finally read the DH FAQ now and see i could have given them bolters, so this shooty HQ is getting bolter weilding acolytes. i'll use the boys above to test the paint scheme and later (once the army expands) might consider a CC =][= for whom they can be retinue. i DO like that hector rex models with the sword....


  1. The Lightning Claw certainly looks nice. With just one, you could get away with calling it a power weapon probably. However, overall, the power sword will definitely give you more options, and of course it doesn't look half-bad itself. And naturally, the rest of the model is excellent.

  2. Hi Aidoneus :)

    and thanks, for the "naturally" if nothing else :)

    I'm starting to think, even if i have to explain it's "counts as" before every fight that the LC makes the model look more balanced, wth two long thin weapons it splits the "direction" of the model,

    i think.


  3. Oooh the Inquisitor himself! Certainly looks imposing. I say keep the Lightning Claw: for visual balance & for cool factor.

  4. I agree Horatio, it has to be the claw, anything else just doesnt look right :)

    i might get these guys GS'ed partly today, but i've 3 new acolytes to build, and still about 16 ultras to paint before next week. hrm.

  5. Definitely time to get cranking. :)

  6. Have you considered magnetizing the arm to give you the option of both a power sword and LC?

  7. You know i hadn't. i've never actually magnetised antyhing, back when i was last active in the hobby it just wasnt something that was done, so i dont think of it.

    to be honest, i'd probarbly rather do a new mini if i wanted to change him, i enjoy that aspec of the hobby and i'm not worried about expense with the way bitz sites are these days, i'd do an order and have two of the same guy - being an old skool rpger i always used to have two anyway, one mounted and one not :)

    oooo =][= lord on a bike!

    ravenwing counts as =][= force.... /drool


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