Sunday, 24 May 2009

A Kroot distraction

SO a freind of mine has just started a Tau army, and he gave me a sprue of his kroot to assemble for him.

I reposed a few pairs of legs and tried to capture the dynamic feral feel of the kroot. i'm mainly posting these so he can see them :) but also to share why there arent a ton of ISt's on here, it being the weekend.

they all need basing yet, barrels drilling on the rifles and then priming.

heres the first
the main changes to him were to remove the second gun hand, and replace the knife blade with one of the skinning knives from one of the belt pouches

the secondan attempt to make a real "shooter", reposed the legs. initially he was aiming more "down range" but something about it wasnt right, i gave him a more elevated rifle and it seemed to come together, he's using the step to aim higher, simples :)

the third

this fellow has been armed with one of the kroot pistols after paring it out from it's surrounding belt pack, heck they have em, they might as well use em :)

the last one

Leaping over the cover at the enemy, a repose of both feet was requires to make it look right but overall i'm quite happy with thesae, and i had great fun building these kroot.

oh god, does this mean i now have to build an all kroot army?


  1. they look great. Im very please with how they have turned out, can wait to see them in the flesh (well plastic). have to say thought the last one is my favorite. you have really capured the feel of the Kroot with that pose.

    thanks again

  2. Agreed. Very dynamic poses, especially the last one. Suitably Krooty. Instead of building another army, I got a better idea: Inquisitorial Kroot Stormtroopers. :D

  3. oo there's an idea.

    or i could use then as DC assasin "count as".. hrm.

    they are hunters after all...


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