Saturday, 23 May 2009

Inquisitorial Stormtroopers

I've put together some prototype stormtroopers and am looking for some comments on which to go with, i have my own opinion, but i always firugre a second can't hurt and will mkae me consider things i havent though of. so with no further ado..

what i had in my mind when i purchased the components was something like this -
But on reflection he looks a bit too "guardsman-ish" i think, not enough armor.

so a bit of fettling with the bitz box got me to this fellow
while he certainly fits the bill for more armour part of my can't get past the idea that he's not far from just a headswap. which dosent sit well. i quite liked the way the stockless Lasgun came out, so elaborated on it and got here

This guy has a more modified lasgun (obviously GS would be needed if i decide to go with this design) he's had the aquilla removed from his chest, which would be replaced with an =][= and i'm thinking of chopping the barrel down further (just the extension rod bit, leaving the muzzle) i also (quite roughly admittedly for this test) shaved his shoulderpads into more "guard-like" shapes, rather than the blatantly astartes ones that were there. this guy is my favourite so far, but i'm keen to hear the thoughts of others.

I might post this at B&C but with the response (or lack therof) on the board as late i'm not sure weather it's worth it.


  1. You hit the gold mine with that lasgun conversion Karitas! It's a simple yet subtle modification. Lean & mean. Thumbs up. The use of the shaved-down SM scout as your stormtrooper base is definitely a positive first step. What's your overall vision for the stormtroopers? Along the lines of sinister & brutal?

  2. I see them as elite, if irregular soldiers. in fact i cant get the men of "gaunt's ghosts" out of my head when i think of them, hence odd notions of dabbling with capes.

    what i am sure about is that i want them to look like they have thier own rules, like delta, so facial hair, irregular headgear and so on.

    i'd love to be able to make each man unique but honestly i dont think that's viable, what i can do is make the sergeants unique and them men individual :)

    i guess the best way to describe it is, in vietnam, the dfference between the men going out in glean greens and with standard gear and the men who've been in country for half a tour, with customised gear to suit the environment, the long timers, the hard noses.

    sinister woulld be a by-product i think :)

  3. It's a workable concept. A bold & refreshing change from the standard stormtroopers you usually see: faceless deliberately sinister characters. I like the idea of a Gaunt's Ghost style band of stormtroopers. Will you be making the equivalents of Mad Larkin, Dorden, Rawne etc etc or will you be cranking up something totally different? This sounds very promising.

  4. I guess Abnett's writing has made me look at the 40k world a bit differently, between the GG books and eisenhorn i think i'm trying to make a fighting force that have been together a long time, are very good at what they do and have personalities.

    I'm not going to directly attempt to copy a GG character, partly because those minis exist, and partly because i am restricted on weapns, but also because i dont think i'd get it right :)

    mybe for my inducted guard platoon later on

    i've had a fettle today so should have some pics up later.

    i've got to also say thankyou for the comments, i'm getting much better responses here than on B&C, i look forward to reading what you, jim shorts and the other few stalwart blog posters have to say. :)

  5. Any dedicated hobbyist deserves decent feedback for their invested effort as encouragement. You're more than welcome. Anyways, like I think I've mentioned elsewhere, I'm just a windbag. :)


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