Friday, 8 May 2009

Elite =][= WiP

I've had a very rough first assemble of two =][= models, one with my take on a psycannon and a pfist, another with my version of an incinerator and a chainsword.

here they are.
things that will change - obviously they are tacked together atm, the psycannon guy is closer to completion and s going to get a GS cloth peice, likely a sleveless coat of somekind.

the incinerator guy need cabling for his weapon and some prometheium tanks, the chainsword is getting swapped out for a power weapon of some sort and then he gets a cloak/tabard some kind of cloth additions

I'd appreciate any thoughts anyone has on these guys

1 comment:

  1. Great progress Karitas. I really like the look of your Inquisitorial acolytes. Refreshingly unique blend of bits; very one of a kind. Psy-cannon looks like its coming along splendidly.


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