Thursday, 28 May 2009

A corner has been turned, much progress

I'm happy with the way these IST's are turning out, and thier comparative size to the =][= models i've constructed so far so i ordered enough parts to build the army today. I do love the DKoK models, but they just arent right for what i'm doing here.

I'm also happy that the cadian models will fall in with these as inducted guard and agan work with the scale. to me it wouldnt be right having normal guard (cadians) be bigger than ST's (DKoK) which they are.

so, lot's of progress, where to start. - okay these guys..

are the two sages and some servitor skulls for familiars. i could have made sages but i really like that model, so the twins will have to try to get along with each other :)

i've decided all my squad leaders are getting a shoulder tabard. i'm not sure why; it just seemed right. i hope it will help prevent these guys looking just like SM scouts. i'm actually quite worried about that aspect of the force.

next! I fixed the hunchback, Vladimir illych (i think he looks like Lenin) has a much reduced back now.

and now onto new stuff.. I made a trooper. I need to look for some very small plastic rod, the plastruct I have here is too big, with it I'll make a wire stock or two for some weapon variety.

I also completed the trio of heavy bolter guys for the Lord's retinue this first guy was an experiment with putting a little variety into the bolter stance, I added a strap to increase beleiveability.

and this guy is thier leader, pure fluff as they are counts as servitors, but I thought it looked cool :)
Couldnt resist a group shot either

thats it for the finished stuff, still WiP are this elite =][=

he's just waiting on GS now

and my Lord himself, the most problematic so far, his posture balance is off, I hope I can fix it with his cloak if not he's going to have to come apart at the waist to be reposed.

as always very keen to hear what people have to say. on a related note, I'm seriously considering not bothering with B&C anymore, page views go up but no-one says anything. :(


  1. These look really good. Your GS work on the incinerator guy is really smooth. I like your Lord as well, but like you say the pose is a little off, he looks like he's leaning backwards in the second picture. Would taking his front foot off the stone help to lean him a little more forwards? I'm looking forward to seeing them all painted up :)

  2. Wot a massive update! You've been a busy bee, eh? The stormtroopers are fantastic! Mutton-chop sideburns for the win! As someone who dislikes the stock pose of the heavy bolter troopers, I appreciate the work that has gone into the posture variations; very fitting. Lenin's looks much improved after shaving down his hunch; I can hear him saying: "Fire! Flames! Immolation!" The completed psy-cannon conversion looks very sexy; well-done! As for the lord, I believe the wonky pose is caused by the choice of legs that you've lengthened: is this pair of legs the ones that are unbent at the knees? My opinion is that either you swop out another pair of legs (bent ones) or you pivot the ankles on the present one to counter his leaning back. As always, your creativity is inspiring.

  3. Thankyou for your kind words, both. your cmments are much appreciated.

    I do like ym hairy guys, so expect lots more beards and chops etc. i think it makes them look well "radical" compared with clean cut newbie soldier boys straight out of the schola progenium :)

    i figure these guys have to have been round the block to still be serving with a radical, nay agreeing with his tactics, rather than turn on him.

    You are right HKD its the legs specifically the unbent right leg. therefore the lord is again in bits, though i think i can get away with a body repose, i decided to try something else with him. i'll get back to you with that in a few days :)

    i'm going to chug on with the acolytes and the GS on the other elite =][=. then move on to hopefully assemble a full squad of ist's and thier chimera. so a busy week if all goes to plan :)

  4. Heh, they look like they eat daemons for breakfast & snack on heretics between meals. Looking forward to see the rework of the Inquisitor Lord. Have a good week.


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