Thursday, 28 May 2009

A corner has been turned, much progress

I'm happy with the way these IST's are turning out, and thier comparative size to the =][= models i've constructed so far so i ordered enough parts to build the army today. I do love the DKoK models, but they just arent right for what i'm doing here.

I'm also happy that the cadian models will fall in with these as inducted guard and agan work with the scale. to me it wouldnt be right having normal guard (cadians) be bigger than ST's (DKoK) which they are.

so, lot's of progress, where to start. - okay these guys..

are the two sages and some servitor skulls for familiars. i could have made sages but i really like that model, so the twins will have to try to get along with each other :)

i've decided all my squad leaders are getting a shoulder tabard. i'm not sure why; it just seemed right. i hope it will help prevent these guys looking just like SM scouts. i'm actually quite worried about that aspect of the force.

next! I fixed the hunchback, Vladimir illych (i think he looks like Lenin) has a much reduced back now.

and now onto new stuff.. I made a trooper. I need to look for some very small plastic rod, the plastruct I have here is too big, with it I'll make a wire stock or two for some weapon variety.

I also completed the trio of heavy bolter guys for the Lord's retinue this first guy was an experiment with putting a little variety into the bolter stance, I added a strap to increase beleiveability.

and this guy is thier leader, pure fluff as they are counts as servitors, but I thought it looked cool :)
Couldnt resist a group shot either

thats it for the finished stuff, still WiP are this elite =][=

he's just waiting on GS now

and my Lord himself, the most problematic so far, his posture balance is off, I hope I can fix it with his cloak if not he's going to have to come apart at the waist to be reposed.

as always very keen to hear what people have to say. on a related note, I'm seriously considering not bothering with B&C anymore, page views go up but no-one says anything. :(

Monday, 25 May 2009

IST's progress plus elite =][= greenstuff

I actually built a couple of IST testers today and i'm okay with them. the scale is insane i have to keep reminding myself and putting them next to marines to prove i'm not wrong. years of being drummed into me that a preson is 7.5 "heads" tall, to find these guys are 5 or 6 isnt easy to adapt to.

so the first guy i knocked up was this fellow.

he's intended to be a vertran, equipped with a storm bolter and in charge of a group that will include plasmas.

this next guy is destined for the Lord's retinue as one of three heavy bolter "counts as servitor" guys. reposing and GSing aside, i'm not sure i like his head, the expression is a little comical, but i can live with it.

lastly the GS and final "incinerator" incarnation for one of my elite =][=.

the coat is a bit bulky in the power plant region, i'm not sure wether to live with it or shave it down and do it again. other than that he's okay. not my best work nor my worst. i do like the incinerator however :)

Sunday, 24 May 2009

A Kroot distraction

SO a freind of mine has just started a Tau army, and he gave me a sprue of his kroot to assemble for him.

I reposed a few pairs of legs and tried to capture the dynamic feral feel of the kroot. i'm mainly posting these so he can see them :) but also to share why there arent a ton of ISt's on here, it being the weekend.

they all need basing yet, barrels drilling on the rifles and then priming.

heres the first
the main changes to him were to remove the second gun hand, and replace the knife blade with one of the skinning knives from one of the belt pouches

the secondan attempt to make a real "shooter", reposed the legs. initially he was aiming more "down range" but something about it wasnt right, i gave him a more elevated rifle and it seemed to come together, he's using the step to aim higher, simples :)

the third

this fellow has been armed with one of the kroot pistols after paring it out from it's surrounding belt pack, heck they have em, they might as well use em :)

the last one

Leaping over the cover at the enemy, a repose of both feet was requires to make it look right but overall i'm quite happy with thesae, and i had great fun building these kroot.

oh god, does this mean i now have to build an all kroot army?

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Inquisitorial Stormtroopers

I've put together some prototype stormtroopers and am looking for some comments on which to go with, i have my own opinion, but i always firugre a second can't hurt and will mkae me consider things i havent though of. so with no further ado..

what i had in my mind when i purchased the components was something like this -
But on reflection he looks a bit too "guardsman-ish" i think, not enough armor.

so a bit of fettling with the bitz box got me to this fellow
while he certainly fits the bill for more armour part of my can't get past the idea that he's not far from just a headswap. which dosent sit well. i quite liked the way the stockless Lasgun came out, so elaborated on it and got here

This guy has a more modified lasgun (obviously GS would be needed if i decide to go with this design) he's had the aquilla removed from his chest, which would be replaced with an =][= and i'm thinking of chopping the barrel down further (just the extension rod bit, leaving the muzzle) i also (quite roughly admittedly for this test) shaved his shoulderpads into more "guard-like" shapes, rather than the blatantly astartes ones that were there. this guy is my favourite so far, but i'm keen to hear the thoughts of others.

I might post this at B&C but with the response (or lack therof) on the board as late i'm not sure weather it's worth it.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Paint test

of sorts

i slapped some paint on one of the acolytes, thus

i'm not entirely happy with it, the armour isnt as red as i would have liked, and the cloak plain sucks, hence no rear shots. part of the fault for that lies in the sculpt, which i'll do better on the other guys.

overall i think it's the scheme i want, cream/red/gold. and i do want them to look gritty and well, blanche-ish. meh, i dunno.

i'll maybe give dreadlocks a go next, i'm painting these three initial acolytes as testers because since discovering i can use Bolters (thanks DH FAQ) i'm going to build 3 new ones i think.

feedbacks welcome as always. i'll probarbly post this on B&C too, quietly and in the inquisition forums :)

Saturday, 9 May 2009

ooo He's tall.

SO i've finally kitbashed the =][= lord i've been thinking about. he's tacked atm, some actual work has been undetaken, like his chest icon and his psycannon, but most everyting else is temporary.

first thing i tried was a powersword

that looked a bit static so i tried reposing

then i stuck the LC i've been debating on.

I'd really appreciate your thoughts :)

i've also decide, for now, to mothball the acolytes i've built sof ar, at least as far as the army is concerned, i've finally read the DH FAQ now and see i could have given them bolters, so this shooty HQ is getting bolter weilding acolytes. i'll use the boys above to test the paint scheme and later (once the army expands) might consider a CC =][= for whom they can be retinue. i DO like that hector rex models with the sword....

Friday, 8 May 2009

Elite =][= WiP

I've had a very rough first assemble of two =][= models, one with my take on a psycannon and a pfist, another with my version of an incinerator and a chainsword.

here they are.
things that will change - obviously they are tacked together atm, the psycannon guy is closer to completion and s going to get a GS cloth peice, likely a sleveless coat of somekind.

the incinerator guy need cabling for his weapon and some prometheium tanks, the chainsword is getting swapped out for a power weapon of some sort and then he gets a cloak/tabard some kind of cloth additions

I'd appreciate any thoughts anyone has on these guys

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Questions, questions

So I have some of my order. and it's thrown up a question or two.

here's the retinue so far -

I Love those Death Korps Figures, but i'm not sure they are large enough. I mean, i know Guardsmen are smaller than marines, and i've used marines as the basis for the acolytes, do i write this off in my head as "it's okay, it's the power armour making them so big" ? i think i could, theres only a scale foot or so in it, it's not like i truescaled my guys, even though i did use the "doghouse" style legs.

Hrm. I think i can live with it.

another question raises itself. will this -

suffice for a psycannon

i want a "retro" feel, so i dodnt want to kitbash a normal "big gun" out of ork/marine parts.

I might need to add the odd "myterious cable" or something.
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