Saturday, 25 April 2009

The Plan

The plan is probably a little more ephemeral than it should be right now.

I'm going to create a Heretic DH army, that much I know

at the moment i'm focusing on the Inquisitor and his retinue. I've had a go at kitbashing/sulpting/converting an acolyte or two, as you can see from the pictures to the right. I wanted to put them in power armour for the unit's survivability, but i didnt want them to look like Marine's or sisters, so i hope i've managed that.

I'll use a FW servitor model for a sage and have ordered a few servo skulls too. I'd like to use DKoK as his "warriors" so thats on the cards.

once i'm happy with those I'll try and construct an Inquisitor

for me the inquisitor and his retinue is the closest thing the game still has to the "Rogue trader" I first read about when i found the book nestled among the DnD supplements back in 1987.

plus i love Guard models and the ability to pretty much use them willy nilly is ace :)

I intend to use DkoK for the IST's. if i induct any allied guard i might go tallarn, or maybe steel legion.

I also want to use a good number of assasins, Deamonhosts and maybe even buy in a few Arcoflagellants.

yeah i know they are unreliable, but this army is for fun and fluff, i don't expect to win :) (If i want to do that i'll pull out my orks)

points-wise it's going to be difficult as DH are expensive for what they are, i expect my initial HQ and two troops choices once given Chimeras wont leave me much room for anything else in the 850pt game my gaming group has decided to start at, but that's okay. once we scale up, it'll be another story, the Stormtroopers find themselves in Valks and the guard take thier chimeras.

oh, maybe there is a plan after all.

Friday, 24 April 2009

Begin at the beggining

So, on reflection, I thought it was time to put all this stuff i've been doing with 40k into a single place instead of all over the net.

It started with a student of mine, and led to an ultramarines army, an ork army and now an inquisitorial force.

you can follow the thread of my return to this hobby, nay obsession by reading a few forum threads dotted about the place-


then here

and finally here

it's been an interesting journey so far, and it continues to be rewarding :)
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