Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Unfinished Americans

Not much time for paint of late, I have these guys on my table, mostly finished, but waiting for eyes and base foliage.. in my attempts to keep a weekly post going.. I present my unfinished Americans.


Two BAR gunners in this squad, and a rather fetching chap in a beanie.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Blood Angels Vs Tau AAR

It’s that time of year again, the weather is improving the academic year drawing to an end where a guy like me manages the odd game (*gasp*)

The cat was not impressed.


This time it was My newly painted blood angels vs my erstwhile Tau opponent.

It was nice the see the BA out in the sun all painted.


I’d taken the termie assault guys and libby as warlord in the raven, rolling the useless vs tau deny the witch warlord trait and totally forgetting i’d paid for him to have two traits… I took 2 death company squads, one being raphens, with lemartes, a furioso, two metal assault squads, a tac squad with drop pod and a scout squad with a priest.

My opponent has two fish with warriors, two hammerheads, two piranha a riptide and xv9 and a crisis team along with shadowsun and a stealth team. oh and kroot, theres always kroot.

We rolled long table ends and the base defence/assault mission. so the table looked like this:


I took a stupid risk and only deployed half a tac squad to my objective and a scout squad kindof out in the open but out of LOS of everything. I figured the long table meant I had a turn in hand before I got too badly attacked, and my 50% drop pod might be enough of a distraction to keep my in control of the flow and not allowing myself to get overrun early on.


The nervous skeletal defence squad.


My oponents first turn saw these guys zipping up the feild


And these chaps playing peekaboo. No effective fire was exchanged.


My turn 1 drop pod went after his broadside fire was effective in stripping away the shield drones.. no assult on arrival…

Things got much more tasty in turn 2 as the 3+ reserves rolls paid off for most units,. DSC_9566

his suits arrived and threatened to give the scouts a very bad day..


My flamer tac squad had a field day with the fire warriors. turns out despite the name, they don't actually like fire…


My reserves continued to arrive…


The tactical flexibility of deep striking almost everything allowed to to respond to every threat, and my thankfully successful deep strike rolls meant my placement ended up being pretty good.

there ensued two turns of shooting and assaulting (man mixed weapon assaults can be slow now) and suffice to say it was carnage for the poor beleaguered tau.


These guys even Survived


The table in turn 5. despite the valiant Kroot arriving in turn 4 to be flamered and run straight back off the table, there were no tau units standing as we ended turn 5. I had lost a significant portion of the scout squad, an entire melta assault squad, 80% of the second melta assault squad and a single death company marine.

I am genuinely scared to think what a properly optimised blood angels army can do now, as this is a very silly spendy list..

Thought for the day – riptides are hard to kill if you dont have Jaws :)

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Dark Eldar Fleshsperiments



I am fortunate in the subject I teach that colleagues are often like-minded. one such is a fellow wargamer and blogger, and he asked me how I would go about painting dark eldar flesh in order to achieve a particular result. these are my initial experiments.


The inspiration – a character from Destiny I believe. I started with two heads, primed white and mounted on cocktail sticks.


A wash with asurment blue, diluted.


Then a glaze with warlock purple


a mix of warlock purple, just a tip, and white for highlighting, finished with shadows in baal red, black eyes and collar and a bone/blood head adornment et voila.


a little too warm on the purple, so for the second, we aim to stay more blue.


Primed white base again (airbrush primed with vallejo white primer)


Heavier blue wash


Lighter pruple glaze


work the highlights with white and a tip of purple, black out the eyes and the collar..


And here they are together. I may need to use the third head I have to stay even more blue. but we shall see.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

WWII U.S. Airborne Step by Step


A quick step by step on the way I painted the recently posted US Airborne as requested – I hold these up not as examples of how to make “awesume doods”, but a quick tabletop effective way to get a force together – I can do ten plus of these a day, probably twenty if I did bigger batches..


I prime light grey- I want some desaturation, but I don't want them dark..

It gets pic heavy after the jump..


Tuesday, 16 June 2015

WWII U.S. Airbourne Command Section


Painted for bolt action or operations squad, and a mix of artizan warlord and crusader I think..

DSC_9533 DSC_9534 DSC_9535 

NCO has the smoke and the “new” grease gun; His veteran companions carry the Thompsons.


A medic.. His face is a little miscast so he looks like he's carrying those bandages off somewhere to sort himself out to be fair…


Next week’s post is a step by step on these chaps to show you which paint is where as it was requested, and shortly after that I should have the 500pt force of them painted.

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